Monday, February 24, 2014

New Beginnings Celebration!

Oh my...2014 is already in high gear and feeling like a blur!  What have you been up to?  

My friends in the OFG Team on Etsy are all ready for spring with our latest celebration!  Check out over 140 brand new creations here:

I have lots of bunnies hopping around my shop and even some baby lambs corralled in a basket!  Hope you'll take a peek!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seams Unlikely - Nancy Zieman blog tour!

***UPDATE*** Congratulations to "sewquik"!  You are the winner of my giveaway!  Please contact me with your mail address!

 Who inspired you?  The question involves thoughtful reflection into your own journey of those who have stepped into your life, even just for a moment.

Nancy Zieman is probably the most well known face in the world of educational sewing through public broadcasting.  She's been the inspiration for many a sewer to take that leap, try something new, give it a go and be creative.  For over thirty years, she's been teaching us steps in a creative process, always encouraging her viewers with those reassuring words..."the choice is yours."

So when I heard that she was writing an autobiography, titled "Seams Unlikely," I was most certainly intrigued.  Here is an opportunity to meet the very talented woman behind the camera and learn even more about her vision and how she fulfilled her dreams.

It's a story about an incredible journey through physical challenges and honesty that comes from the heart.  When Nancy explains her experiences, you can easily see that this is a woman with unbreakable spirit.  As I soaked in the stories of her childhood and upbringing, I found a kinship in her heartwarming reflections.  She has such a humble nature at telling about an extraordinarily difficult physical journey.  Her story really enlightened me to understand this woman and her true character.  

What I found most inspiring is that Nancy didn't have to establish herself by changing who she is deep inside.  She faced many barriers in developing a woman owned business in an era that was still stereotyped against believing they can succeed.  And she leapt over these obstacles always learning, growing and developing.  All this while dealing with substantial physical challenges which would cause most to give up.  And all this while maintaining integrity, grace and balance.

I confirmed a belief that I have felt since first watching Nancy on TV.  She is the real thing, a genuine character of strong faith with a will to succeed, not just for her products or even her educational instruction, but also in life.  And her story tells it all so beautifully.

Would you like to receive your own copy of Seams Unlikely?  I received an additional copy to give away to one lucky reader of my blog.  Simply become a follower and leave a comment about someone who inspired you for your chance to win (US residents only, please).  I'll draw a name at the end of this blog tour on February 18th, so be sure that you're settings include the ability for me to reply/contact you!

Nancy is also giving away 20 more copies of her book!  Leave a comment on her February 4th blog posting for your chance to win your own copy!  And be sure to stop by these participating blogs in this special tour:

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