Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Artist's Eye

My daughter, Nicole, has been spending time this summer redesigning and redecorating her room, and it's been so much fun as she budgets how to spend her money on things that truely make her happy.  This week we were out on the hunt for more decor items and I couldn't believe what we stumbled on!

This amazing artist, Julio G. Meza, has a talent for bringing in natural elements from the sea into beautiful arrangements.  Like a painter chooses just the right colors and blends them just so, Mr. Meza can see the beauty of shells and bones collected, polished and spectacularly assembled.  We researched this artist to find that he never duplicates a piece and is quite well known.  This beautiful piece struck both of us in that the colors are a perfect match to my daughter's "new" room and also that this piece was signed/made the year that Nicole was born!

All for $6.50!  An incredible investment, as his pieces resell for many, many times more.  Although this beauty has a home for quite a while here.  Nicole's new appreciation for this artist has her creating more fun pieces to add to her decor and to find just the right spot to display this new treasure.  We're almost ready for the big "reveal" of her new beach themed oasis of relaxation!