Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LEGO my...

Well, I've certainly been MIA on this blog! It's that crazy time of year, but I've finally finished up my November shows, and yesterday, I sent off my goods to an all month show here. I calculated that I made up 80 new scarves, and 20 new hats for this year, and quite frankly, I'm really tired of sewing up those! Back to primitives and making my favorite...snowmen!
But before I can sneak back into my studio, it's time to get that holiday shopping for the little one taken care of. This year, it's all about Legos! Yep, my girl has a secret love for Legos. Have you checked out these lately? Legos has creative and detailed kits that build up houses and have 3 different designs in the same box. They're really quite fun to put together! Well, this year, I discovered a couple of newer designs, one which is a detailed toy shop, and the other a really cool bakery. Love the baker dude taking out that large loaf of bread out of the oven, so cool! The wonderful thing about these kits is that they teach your children about following directions and beyond that, being incredibly creative. My daughter has taken the kits she has and created a coffee shop (LOL, she has my passion covered!) and homes enough for the entire neighborhood now residing on our coffee table. They don't consume a lot of space, are fun to create, disassemble, then re-create, and there is so much more detail to these that ever before. And finally, Lego is developing more creative ideas that appeal to girls, so it's not just about Star Wars and Bionicles anymore. So, this Christmas, it will be fun to create a whole little community together. Who knows, maybe we can put together a little storefront with lots of primitive snowmen and santas and dolls, oh my!


  1. So happy your girl is into Lego's! My boys love them and I still have them up in the attic waiting for the next generation! Lego's used to make Christmas ornaments that where a lot of fun to put together. Check out the Lego web site and have fun.

  2. Oh how cool that they are thinking of the girls now! Great gift idea for sure!

  3. Oh yeh, that brings back memories. My now grown up kids played with legos and they were pretty elaborate back then(80s & 90s).

  4. Wow, those are really cool! Really great that they are gearing towards girls now too!! They look like lots of fun, hope you will share pictures with us of your creations :0)

  5. Well I love legos too.LOL I don't think you ever get too old to build things with legos, Valerie

  6. I love Leggos too---they are so fun and such a good toy for getting kids to use their creativity and imagination!

    Glad you found time to get back to the blog...I know how hard it can be sometimes! lol I did a new post today too...swing by and say HI!

    Smiles, Karen