Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fun for that Necessary Room

The rain is here, so it must be time to decorate for fall!  Well, summer was short-lived here in the Northwest, and now we're on to favorite time of year!  Here's a quick little decorating idea for that special place we all have...the necessary room! 

How many times have you been the lucky one to find that the roll of T.P. is empty?  Well, try this out, and only you will know where it's hidden!

You will need:  one roll of T.P. (toilet paper), a fat quarter of orange fabric, a fat 1/8th of green fabric, a 10x10 scrap of gold tulle.  Lay out the fat quarter, wrong side up, and place the T.P. in the center. Start on one side and begin tucking the raw edges of the fabric into the center of the T.P. roll until the entire piece of orange fabric surrounds the T.P.  Tuck the center part only of the gold tulle into the center of the T.P.  Fold and roll up the green fabric to about 4" tall tight roll.  Push the cut edge of the fat 1/8th into the center of the T.P., making sure to not push through all of the tulle.  There, now you have a cute pumpkin for your bathroom decor that, in a pinch, is ready for those 'necessary' moments!


  1. oh I have done this one..but forgot about is such a great idea and oh so fallish too..where is Stanwood? we are neighbors..I live in Indianola..right by kingston..come see me the first friday, saturday, and sunday of December I am doing a gift show called christmas in the country..have you heard of is the website..I am at hazelcreek a wonderful weekend.;)

  2. Oh what the fun!!! I am going to try this one:)


  3. How clever is this?! Going to have to do this tonight for my half-bath! Thanks for sharing, Ilene!