Thursday, February 7, 2013

And 12...

The older I get, the faster life seems to go by.  Today is our lovely daughter's 12th birthday.  And yet, I can remember what was surely just yesterday that she blessed us with that incredible smile and those big brown eyes full of wonder.

Now, at 12, there is more emotion, more opinions, more questions, and more activity in all that matters to a 'tween.  Finding the balance to keep the family harmony can be a challenge at times, but not nearly the struggle that I've heard many parents go through.  I love the fact that she is an easy going, flows with the tide, kind of kid.  If something doesn't pan out for her, she doesn't get discouraged and give up.  And the girl has more compassion and empathy towards any living creature than can be imagined.  It's a balance that she regularly achieves in a world full of that "me first" mentality.  It's that inner wellness that will keep her strong and resilient through the coming years.  

Happy Birthday Nic.  I love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!