Friday, August 6, 2010

Three little lambs

Sometimes knowing that a friend is always there for you, no matter how little you get together or chat is worth so much. A dear friend of mine, Marie, is just that person. We've been through a lot together, growing at each stage, but there is one thing that Marie does for me better than anyone I know (other than my hubby!). She supports my desire to create in every way. Marie is a beautiful, creative person herself, and certainly could make most anything, as she continues to shine in her successful crafty businesses.
A while back we discussed a wool piece to reflect her three little lambs (aka girls). One who is 11 and 6 year old twins. I came up with this piece and finally completed it for her. It's made with hand dyed wool and the little lambs have been needle felted. The pink flowers are to resemble forget-me-nots, which have little stars in their centers (didn't know this until she pointed them out in her yard). Hope she likes it!
If you'd like to see Marie's work, check her out on Etsy ( She makes beautiful glass beads and art pieces that are known world wide!

1 comment:

  1. Oh this is so cute and special. I'm sure your friend will cherish it. I enlarged it and saw the tiny stars in the flowers. I like it:)
    It's good to have a friend like Marie.