Monday, September 13, 2010

Thrifty shopping fun

I just love shopping at thrift stores, and I'm so fortunate to have about 6 within a few miles of my home out here in the country. They are real popular in Washington, I guess, because when I lived in Oregon, your only choices were Goodwill or the Salvation Army. In my neck of the woods, we have many shops that are ran by the senior centers, and boy are they fun to look in and find those forgotten items. Plus, they are cleaner and don't have, well you know, THAT smell. Because they tend to be smaller stores, they don't have as many people shopping, which is great for grabbing up sewing and crafting items. Here I say that after posting about purging my stash, LOL. Well, I look for specific things that are rather expensive at the local craft stores here, like crochet thread. I have found the most beautiful colors of heavy crochet or tatting thread at thrift stores, on spools the size of serger cones, and often for 10 cents or maybe a quarter! I always go through the clothing section to see if someone has gotten rid of an unusual wool suit or skirt that I can take apart and felt it for a cool rug background. And just this weekend, I found a HUGE assortment of curly crepe wool (great for santa beards), unopened stuffing, wood candlesticks, fabric (uh, oh!) and more pattern books (big uh, oh there!). Filled my trunk for under $20! And I'm in heaven, happy in my own little world of being able to work on my little hobby business on a shoestring budget. Plus it just feels so good to repurpose used items into new beautiful creations. Have a wonderful, creative day!


  1. Good Morning,
    Yes, I agree. The thrift store is when I get most of my fabrics for my projects...wool coating, cotton shirting, waffle knit underwear! I have cut up jumpers, trousers, men's shirts and socks...The fabric is soft and gently faded. Of course, I wash everything first!! I'd love to live near you...we could go thrifting together.

    Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

  2. Natalie - That would be fun! I had to laugh at your comment, as I've never ventured into the knit underwear though...what a brave soul you are! Ilene