Monday, January 31, 2011

My Electric Baby's Back!

The first month of 2011 has proven to wear out it's welcome fast here at Happy Valley. Ah, yes, where to begin. Right after my last post, my husband had the misfortune to hit a deer on his way to our Toyota Prius. Well, it limped to work, crushed hood, fender and bumper. The headlight, while still functioning, had broken connections to secure it, which meant the hood was the only thing keeping it from falling out. The side fender jammed into the door area, making passengers travel only in the back seat. But still he drove it. All the way to the gas station, for a usual fill and journey home later that day. Next day, he ventured to work in our Kia Sorrento, and again to the gas station for a fill. Same station as the day prior. Well, then the fun began, as the Kia hardly left the station before it died, and ended up being towed. Yep, bad gas. Turned out to be 87% Ethanol! I then ventured out with the Prius to the end of the driveway, only to now have it completely sputter...yep, bad gas here too. It took a bit longer with the Prius, I guess because it runs on battery power some before trying to choke down that "gas." Now that one was towed away too. So then, minus 2 cars, we bring out the monster tow rig hiding out in the barn for hubby to drive...thank goodness we had it! I have to say, though, that we were a bit hesitant about going anywhere or putting gas in that one! The gas station responsible was quick to write us a check for all of that...which promptly bounced!!! Okay, ahem, well now that has been remedied, and the repair work is now done for the uninsured deer that strolled in front of my quiet little car. Seems like a fitting country song saga, huh? Goodbye January, on to a new month! Now, back to creating!

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  1. Ilene, that sledding looks like fun! We haven't received too much snow here. The last couple days we've had some wild weather though. It hailed here today off and on. Love seeing the pics of your snow!