Tuesday, July 12, 2011

24 years and counting!

Today marks a wonderful memory...24 years of marriage with my husband, Matt!  Of course, it seems like many more, since we dated for over 4 years first.  But I feel like it is so incredible in this day to be able to commit to one another for so long, through good times and bad, and still share such an amazing love for one another.  It's sad, but I sometimes feel like some couples could benefit more by what Matt and I share, the ability to communicate and support one another so well.

And so, I am remembering that special day with this bouquet of flowers table mat that I created.  The center area is hand needle felted and includes a variety of color tones for the flowers, with pink as the base.  The leaves feature four different green shades which details the shading, veins and subtle effects of leaves, just like in nature.  The inside of the scallops each have a pearl flower button with a teeny pastel pink button on top.  The whole piece was blanket stitched to a wool backing with a pink crochet thread.  It's a beautiful piece that only took a couple of hours to design and make.  Making these types of table mats is really fun and easy to accomplish.  Just keep in mind the delicate beauty of a flower in bloom and watch it grow from there!

Hope you have a very enjoyable day!


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  1. Congratulations Ilene and Matt! That is wonderful and I hope you enjoy your special day together!