Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whaahoo! The worse day fishing is better than any day washing dishes.

We're back from a fun week of vacationing in Oregon!  After several days visiting with family, we ventured over to Diamond Lake, a favorite fishing spot from my hubby's childhood.  Snow still packed in the banks, we were just sure that the mosquitos wouldn't be out this early in the year, but, alas, there were there to greet us in massive form.  Now I know what a swarm of these little buggers is, as they lurk above in formation with the wind casting their carnivorous shadows, and timing the dive to exposed skin just right.  Itch, itch...

Thank goodness for Nic, who blessed us with her plump 17" trout for dinner one night, and as I'm told, a hearty "whaahoo" shout out once she knew this beauty was on her line.  Cuz, if we were to rely on Matt to catch dinner, well, that tiny minnow would've surely left us with noisy tummies.  Overall, they caught several and I happily snapped up pictures from shore, that is, while spraying repellant.  I multi task well when necessary.
And, yep, our new "boat", an inflatable giant at 10.5' long really did well.  We took some razzing, cause those die hard fishing dudes just couldn't take that little boat seriously, but it's kinda funny how we had the stringer of fish to prove that size just doesn't matter!

I didn't get too much stitchin' accomplished, as it appears that dish duty only fell to those who stay landlocked.  It was so worth it though, to see many beautiful memories created between a father and his daughter and a new vessel, christened the S.S. Tolly.  May she have many more watery adventures ahead!

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  1. Ilene that mountain view is gorgeous! How lucky you are to see such beauty! I'm with you on the bad fishing verses the kitchen especially with that mountain to look at!