Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrate in a Heartfelt Way

Without sounding too gushy, I just love Valentine's Day!  It's that expression of love that my sweet hubby has down pat...for 25 straight years now!  Nothing like that special feeling from someone you care about so much.

So I had some fun creating a few hearts for this celebration with the OFG Team.  Hope you'll check out this beautiful collection ( type: stlc in your search bar), as there are a lot of new artists participating and nearly 90 heartfelt items.

'Cuz, after all, Love Dwells Here...especially at this time of year!


  1. Love the prim Heart and I just haven't been crafting much so far this year. Got burned out doing so much last year and just can't get in gear now. I saw where you left a comment in Annies blog where you live in Streamwood. That is not to far from where I am from "Palatine" and I am ready to try and get back up there again..Lot of snow and all. I am now going to follow your blog and will put a link to you on my sidebar and hope you will come and visit my blog when you have time. Nice to find a blogger that I might get to meet some day :)