Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Creative Evolution

A creative soul can find all sorts of ways to express their artistic style, and every year I find that there are more and more techniques out there to learn.  I grew up in the era of construction paper, glue and sequins...then there was the phase of tri-chem paints, stamped cross stitching, and felt applique.  Today, there is an amazing array of mixed media outlets to learn incredible new ways with paper clay, creating your own fabric designs, and who would have thought that bottle caps and Scrabble tiles could be so beautiful.  And since the ideas keep coming, the wheels of creativity will never end!

Lately, I'll confess to being hooked to the how-to videos from  I began to watch these weekly tutorials, each describing a technique or product I was unfamiliar with.  Lots of tedious detail, and I find that to be helpful in determining my interest.  This week, the focus was in creating bead edging and fringe.  Beautiful in design, the hand beading is so exquisite...just look at this purse by Barbara of Joggles.  Wow...  Now I'm inspired to add a beaded edge to one of my next table mats!

As far as creating my own fringe, well, I'm still set on buying that by the yard for my scarf embellishments as I've found some of the most gorgeous trims over the years for my scarves.  This one is my favorite right now, hanging nearly 4"'s really show-stopping.

However, I am intrigued by creating my own beaded fringe on an elaborate purse like this one soon as I can figure out a good staging method for those teeny tiny beads.  'Cuz, with kids and a dog, sigh...can you see the bead showers in my forecast?


  1. That purse is amazing! Looks like fun stuff. Ah yes...I remember plastic canvas! Have fun ~*~Lisa

  2. Oh, I forgot about plastic canvas! My hubby was so glad when I quit doing that craft years ago!