Saturday, September 1, 2012

The cycle of awesome sight! last camping trip, a little stitching and oh, so much fun!  Last week, we ventured up to Baker Lake and then over to the Cascade River.  As the family attempted to fish the lake, I was busy stitching away this piece.  Yep, it's beginning to look like that time of year again already!

Well, the fish proved sneaky, weaving the lines through stumps and snags, so we didn't catch anything more than a nice suntan.  Next up was river time, which proved to be an awesome experience, as the salmon were moving up stream to spawn.

For two days, we watched these two sockeye salmon exhaustively lay eggs, fertilize, and bury them in the sand right in front of our campsite.  The male (brighter red) was actively chasing away other males ready to step in on him, and even a steelhead salmon tried to invade.

Alas, fishing on the river was closed until today, so all my two cohorts could due was watch and be amazed at the cycle of life...for there's always next time.  Yea, right.  I think I saw this little hatchling smile at that thought.  Catch me if you can...


  1. What a wonderful adventure, thank you for sharing.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend.


  2. What a fabulous adventure in a beautiul place!!