Monday, July 12, 2010

Mouse size tantrum and a special day

Ahh, Monday. Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was productive shopping, working in the yard and, of course, sewing. Well, the sewing part wasn't so productive. In fact, it was down right frustrating. See this cute little mouse? Well, my intentions were to make several, so I got busy chain sewing those body parts one, then I was just cruizing! Whew, now to turn them out and stuff away. A great job for TV time. Here we go...okay, um, try again, and once more, again (I don't give up easily)...huh? My itty bitty tweezers that have gripped and turned many a doll part could not make anything happen. The material I used was too stiff to turn these tiny parts. GRRR. I had to throw away all of it. Sigh. It's not easy to toss out an afternoon's work.
Now did I really want to make the darned thing at all? I'd already done up the candy cane, so I tried again with a more flexible material that managed to work. Got one done, and I think he looks great. I'm plugging away at the others now, and I still have a problem...they're all turning in such a way that they are now lefty's! Guess that's not so bad, since I'm a lefty!
Today is a special day though, as my sweetie and I have been married 23 years. Time has sure gone fast, but I'm so blessed to have this wonderful guy with me. May the people that surround your life bring you as much happiness as mine do! Have a great day!


  1. No, you are not alone. We all have craft oops!

    Happy Anniversary, hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Adorable. Who cares if he's a lefty. Isn't the left side of the brain the creative side? Hm...

    Happy Anniversary. Have a better day!

  3. We all have those days! :0( He turned out cute has a button!

  4. Oh my must have been sick throwing that all away.
    Well, I have been there and done that too. We do learn and sometimes can incorporate that lesson into something new.
    He is cute !

  5. Oops, sounds like a booboo I would've made meself. So glad you kept on though and used a different fabric... lefties are good:) I'm married to one! Happy 23rd Wedding Anniversary!