Wednesday, April 11, 2012

X-ing off that UFO

You may be wondering why I haven't much of anything new to show off these days.  Well, I'll admit that each year, one of my goals is always to finish up as many partially done projects as I can stand to do before the desire wears out.  Usually that means finishing up an enormous stash of cross stitching.  And after completing several small ones, I attacked this one with full force and determination.  It's one of those kits I bought back when Nic was born or thereabouts, so it's at least a dozen years old!  Nothing like taking my time, huh?  I get so incredibly bored doing these, as there's no real feeling of accomplishment until you've finally got the whole piece completed.  And we're talking a good 1000 hours on this one for sure!

It's a nice piece that Nic wants me to frame, entitled Mother's Prayer Quilt.  It reads:  "I pray when this quilt you see, you will know my wishes and dreams for thee.  I pray these things I've taught you true, because my child I love you." Each 'block' is a traditional "quilt" block done in cross stitch with the written sentiment: faith, hope, charity, love; health, wealth, happiness, peace; unselfishness, courage, honesty, thankfulness; independence, knowledge, friendship, success.  Such a beautiful verse!

It's so nice to have this huge project completed!  The old eyes are glad for the break, and I'm already working on new sewing projects that can be whipped up quickly.  So much more satisfaction there!


  1. Wow!! That is ALOT of work! but such a beautiful finished project!! I have a huge bin of half finished cross stitch projects too. Kudos for tackling those unfinished pieces!!

  2. Turned out absolutely beautiful! I know it feels so nice to finally finish those half-done projects!