Friday, May 18, 2012

From a Child's Voice

There are a lot of times when the start of a conversation with a child can turn into a time to teach one of life's valuable lessons.  Yesterday proved to be one of those between Nic and me.  She began with the exciting news of being amongst a team of 3 kids that were named as having the most spirit in a school competition.  Participating in her team was a classmate who has been repeatedly shunned by the other students, as kids will unfortunately do when they don't understand another individual's learning difficulties.  Especially with autism, since it can facilitate so many different characteristics from one child to another.

I certainly don't know enough to become the teacher in this area, but yesterday I found out that I was really more of the student.  Nic expressed her amazement at the artistic aptitude of this child and was very put off by the other students behavior toward him..."he's a great artist, Mom; why can't they see that?"  We talked about taking the stance, being the one voice that can maybe get the other students to consider that we are all different, but we all deserve respect.  Then, we spoke about how standing up for someone doesn't always make you the popular kid; sometimes others with turn away.  Sometimes you will lose friendships over these types of issues, but then, maybe they weren't really your true friend.

Then it happened.  Call it the light bulb burning brightly, but Nic just amazed me with her determination to put together an award honoring this student for the next assembly.  She sat down and wrote out a very passionate tribute to all students in compassion, understanding and overall, respect.  She is utilizing her last days as Student Body President to attach a message of hope to everyone; after all, as she points out, "you voted me as your president because I truely care about our students."

Eleven years old, and I couldn't be prouder.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Pls tell your daughter "You GO Girl!" for me. I have an 11 yr old also. I remember from my school days how cruel others can be and try to teach her to be respectful of others. I hope others follow your daughter's lead. ~*~Lisa

  2. What a wonderful young lady your daughter is! Give her a big hug from this mom. Then a big hug for you mom for raising a wonderful daughter!

  3. WOW!! For an 11 year old, she has an amazing Countenance. I'm sure her 'teacher' is a wonderful example!

  4. What a wonderful example your daughter is!! It looks like she is on the right track for life. Ilene, you should be proud not only of her but of you as a parent. Kids learn by example!!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  5. That is wonderful that she is aware of the hurt others can inflict on people, and tht she is not afraid to stand up and show what these actions can do. Bravo for her. years ago I was the one not understood in school, and yes...words do hurt !

  6. She sounds like a really great kid with a really big heart being raised by a really wise mom!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Wow, you must be incredibly proud of her. What a neat story. Way to go! Hugs to you both, Robin

  8. Wow you have to be so PROUD! What an amazing daughter! God Bless her!

  9. What a special little lady!! You should be proud :)

  10. what a sweet post and a special lady! found you via the blog hop xo

  11. Aww, you must be super proud! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
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