Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I remember my first Mother's Day.  Nic was barely 3 months old, and I was unfortunately dealing with the medications and side effects of a blood clot, post pardom depression, and lack of ability to produce breast milk thanks to the steroids I had to take.

But through it all, the very precious life that Matt and I brought into this world bonded together with me so readily.   Nic was the ultimate gift even when the situation seemed less than a happy time.  Even though those days are a part of me, the wonderful child that we're raising is proof that life is always moving along to another chapter full of experiences and reflections.  In other words, a chapter in one's life simply does not tell their whole story.

Today I found myself face to face with another new mom.  It was just such a beautiful sight to see this soon-to-be new momma deer peering up at me from the pasture.  She moved slowly, with deliberate attempt to evade my presence, but there was no leaping away from my picture snapping frenzy by this doe.  Ah yes, those uncomfortable last few days.  I wonder if that little one will arrive before the day we celebrate our Moms.  A new life; a new chapter; a new day.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. So beautiful & precious. Have you thought of watermarking your photos, so they aren't copied?

    I am seeing more and more blog friends doing that, me included.

    Happy Mother's Day and thank you for sharing that precious photo.

    Hugs ♥

    1. Excellent point about watermarking. I need to get on that, especially with my patterns! Thanks for your comment! Ilene

  2. Such a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day from a fellow PPD survivor. I like to think that experience made me so much more appreciative of the happiness ever since :)